Q1 Why does power micro computer increases fuel efficiency and thereby leads to better performance?
*. Central micro processor computes power of the vehicle and fuel supply para-meters, and subsequently provides the optimal data to the computer.

*. Battery discharges approximately 0.07mA per second, after using power microcomputer, every 6/1,000,000 second discharge, 0.07mA immediate transient occurs and it raises the discharge current of electric impulse.

*. The mechanism’s immediate current causes the temperature of the electric pole of sparkling plug to increase which intensifies the electric spark and helps gasoline to burn completely.

*. Immediate current cause’s oil in the electronic nozzle to atomize, thus the elements of gasoline become smaller so as to make it burn completely.

*. Most of the car companies use OEM products for most of their computer basedtechniques. ECU calculates Ignition and Injector combustion efficiency in which nearly 70% of the fuel is consumed. The rest 30% of unburned gasoline is released via catalyzer which causes car powerless and is considered as waste fuel. The waste increases with the age of the car, the oxidation of the wire that causes conductivity losses, and soot in the engine combustion chamber and damaged parts. Even a brand new car has to encounter the same problem. PMC hast two CPU embedded in it. One of them detects the Ignition frequency and fuel supply. While the other CPU uses impulse techniques to increase the movement of the injector. Higher atomization of gasoline enhances its combustion. PMC makes the elements of gasoline smaller, and in addition, increases the frequency of ignition that causes nearly 100% of fuel combustion, thereby proving to be fuel efficient.

Q2 Why immediate transient helps to save gas and improve fuel economy?
Simply saying, it improves the shortcoming of the waste of fuel when it is consuming more power and thereby helps in decreasing the consumed power.  For example, it lowers the temperature of air conditioner which subsequently lowers the amount of consumed power and hence decreases the amount of fuel being wasted.

The reason for fuel saving.
正極:positive pole
點火開關:switch for ignition
點火線圈:Ignition Circuit
電子控制單元:Electronic Control Unit
火星塞:Sparkling Plug

Most of the modern vehicles use electric ignition system. The circuit of the electricignition system is controlled by an electric control system. Distributor, Ignition circuit and distributed circuit are used to produce higher voltages (up to 47000 voltages) to the spark plug. Using Power Microcomputer, immediate transient makes sparking take longer effects and density. It is able to ignite with mixed air (both air and gasoline) so as to save fuel. It also decreases gas emissions and causes the temperature of sparkling plug to increase.

Lower the temperatures of sparks in the sparkling plug, easy is the soot i.e. when the temperature is too low the center of insulation, beside the electric pole gets covered in soot. Those soot causes short circuit in sparkling plug, and furthermore due to emission of high electric voltages because of soot, it is unable to produce spark in gaps of sparking plug.

Immediate transient causes the temperature of sparkling plug to rise so as to completely burn soot into gaseous form, and release it via exhaust pipe, and thereby prevent it from forming a remnant of smoke. Power Microcomputer cleans the remnant of sparkling plug, and helps to achieve the effect of completely combustion. Sparking plug sparks once in 1/1000 seconds. After installing Power Microcomputer, it sparks electric impulse once every 6/10,000 seconds. It makes the effects of sparks last much longer and with much more density.

After installation, Power Microcomputer calculates and provides the optimal power parameters to car computer and changes the injector valve to spark faster and with higher density. It causes enhanced atomization of the elements of gasoline and helps in achieving higher fuel efficiency.

Q3 Does it work on the second hand car? And the efficiency of fuel saving is exactly the same as a new car?
Yes, it works on the second hand car as well. In general, an enhanced sparking plug saves only 5%-8% of fuel. If elements of gasoline of injector are atomized, the effects are doubled.

Q4 What are the differences in between Power Microcomputer and reverse current products?
*. This is not a reverse current product. Reverse current mechanism is used to stabilize electricity for improving sound quality of car audio, it does not really work for saving fuel and increasing the horsepower.

*. Wire of reverse current is not really thin. Power Microcomputer automatically detects frequency of fuel supply and ignitions, and then enters it into car computer via cable that is connected with battery, matches with car computer to produces signals and the signals the makes fuel supply and ignition parts take appropriate actions, and increase burning efficiency and power. This is a new technique unlike old-fashion methods to modify chips or enlarges fuel supply.

Q5 Would the other computer equipments be harmed after installing Power Microcomputer?
This product is applied to microwave of aerospace technology, impulse and Electrochemical. Impulse is a Satellite Launch and signal transmission techniques. It transmits digital signals. No voltage, or currents. Thus, it doesn’t harm any microcomputer system, engine, or power systems. After one uninstalls it, car computer setting restores to default setting.

Q6 How many types does it have?
*. Vehicle race version: above 100c.c. CDI ignition system, power start design, medium speed Mei-speed.

*. Fuel saving version: gas vehicles, petrol vehicles whose net weight are below 1.3 tons. Power design: more emphasis on medium and mei-speeds. Instant horsepower is increased by 10-20 bhp. Torsion is increased by 10kgm per 4500 revolutions.

*. Super power fuel saving version: it is used for gas vehicles, petrol vehicles whose net weights are below 1.8 tons. The power design is more emphasized on vehicles with medium and mei-speeds. Instant horsepower is increased by 30-40 bhp, Torsion is increased by 14kgm per 4500 revolutions. Therefore it saves 10-40% of fuel.

*. Formula racing car version: best for 12 V Jet diesel vehicles, petrol and gas vehicle with net weight below 2.5tons, 12V Yacht. Power designs are emphasized on start, medium and mei-speeds. Instant horsepower are increased by 40-60 bhp. Torsion is increased by 16kgm per 4500 revolutions. Hence it saves 10-50% fuel.

*. 0-100 Accelerated Version: it is used for enhancing formula racing car version, super power fuel saving version and fuel saving version. It increases 0-100 Acceleration and achieves fuel saving.

*.Diesel Injection 24V version carts (both Japan and Europe Specifications): it is used for 24V coaches, Gravel trucks, MIXER TRUCK, Container trucks, Yacht, Vessels and airplane. Instant horsepower is increased by 80bhp. Torsion is increased 22kgm per 4500 revolutions, and therefore fuel saved is approximately 10-30%.

Q7 What are the differences between fuel saving version, power fuel saving version and formula racing car version?
*. Installing fuel saving version -- 120 microsecond electric impulse. Horsepower is increased 10% instantly, and reaches the highest of 20bhp, whereas highest Torsion reached is 10kgm per 4500 revolution. It saves 10-40% fuel. After installation, the Throttle becomes lighter (don’t need to step on the gas as heavy as before to achieve same horsepower). It is best for Petrol, gas vehicles those net weights are below 1.3 tons. Taxi and small vehicles are preferred for this version. It performs better with 0-100 enhanced version.

*. Installing super power fuel saving version – 70 microsecond electric impulse. It instantly increases horsepower by 10-20%, reaching a highest horsepower of 40bhp, whereas Torsion is increased by 14kgm per 4500 revolutions. It saves 10-40% of fuel. It brings up efficiency, no matter what Linear Acceleration and medium speed acceleration are. Step on the gas light and it enables you easy overtaking on highways or mountain ranges. Specially, when you release the paddle, and re-step on the paddle until it reaches the very bottom, the super acceleration speeds will satisfy you. It is best used for the Petrol, gas vehicles whose weights are below 18 tons. It is specially preferred by medium size vehicles. It performs better with 0-100 enhanced version.

*. Installing formula racing car version – 6 microsecond electric impulse. It instantly increases the horsepower by 20-30% reaching a highest horsepower 60bhp, whereas Torsion is increased by 16kgm per 4500 revolutions. Fuel saving are 10-50%. Cars such as sedan, sports car, Turbine cars, racing cars and minivans, jeep, Lorry and truck, after installation, step on the gas heavily, the pointer of speed table is directed toward red line zone. Acceleration is fast, and the Turbine cars saves fuel. Even those cars in which the chip VSD has been modified, Programmable Computer or fuel supply computer are allowed to be installed. Japanese car racing association has put this into market synchronously. Effect is even better than modified chips and VSD as the horsepower is increased by a substantial amount and fuel saving is tremendous. It is good for vehicles which weigh below 2.5 tons like minivans, 12V yacht, gas vehicles, and those with engine above 1800cc. Any kind of Gasoline and Diesel injection engine for example 3.5 tons CANTER, KAON. This is specially preferred by minivan and Impetus lover. It performs better with 0-100 enhanced version.

Q9 What version should be good for gasoline and diesel minivans?
A9 Formula car racing version

Q10 Can I install by myself? How do I install 1+1 super combination?
A 10
*. It is very easy, you can do it yourself.
*. Power off the vehicle
*. Add distilled or pure water to battery up to 80%
*. Connect red wire to positive pole, locking screws, and connect black wire to negative pole, locking screw. Then fix them aside the battery (keep away from engine for at least 30cms so it won’t be affect heat released by it)
*. Power on the vehicle until the light is on, the installation is complete.
*. Installing 1+1 super combination is same as above. Connect 2 red wires to positive pole of battery, two black wires connect to negative pole, then fix it.

Q11 My car installed with other reverse current or other products, can I still install this?
There are many products such as nano series, Infrared series, Optical series, Silicone wire series, chip series, Magnetization series, ground wire series, and reverse current series products. We’d like those who have the above mentioned products already installed to try our product, and you will experiences the best efficiency. Our product is compatible with other products, and won’t conflict with them.

After installing Power Microcomputer, horse power, twist power, acceleration and climbing power are increased. In order to achieve the best efficiency of fuel saving, driver must remain in the best driving behavior. Step on the gas lightly which makes fuel saving (power raise weaker); step on the gas heavily which strongly raises the power (rate of fuel saving is lower).

Q12 Can these instant currents cause any damage or voltage rising up?
NO. Current car electricity system design contains fuse with current magnitude of least 3A. The instant current is utmost 0.1MA so it won’t burn the fuse. The instant current is
temporary; it will disappear after electric impulses that occur after every 6/1000000 seconds. It works as routine, it won’t cause voltages to rise, and you could use an electricity measurement device to measure the voltage.

Q14 Does it decrease sparking plug’s life? Or can it harm engine due to high temperature?
*. Power Microcomputer is able to clear soot of sparking plug, and extend its life. Lower temperatures of sparks on Sparking plug, easily makes sparking plug to get covered in soot and make short circuits. Furthermore, voltages current leave via soot, so it is unable to ignite sparks in gaps of sparking plug. Intermittent instant current causes the temperature of sparking plug to increased, so the soot can be burned into flare gas, and exhausted from the exhaust pipe instead of forming residue there, and achieve the effect of complete combustion.

*. Power Microcomputer is an electrical mechanism providing enhancement of electricity to sparking plug. It increase burning efficiency of cylinder, increases the twist power, power unit time, reduces flare gas, and protects peripherals. Starts become more sensitive, speed is stable, and the efficiency of acceleration is increased. It makes the engine achieve the best performance and extend engine life along with other electric systems.

Q15 Do you provide any warranty?

We provide 1 year warranty if it mean to harm by human being. However, it is becomes invalid if the sticker removed.

Q16 Why maintenance smith doesn’t know it?
Since 1980, mechanical ignition system and mechanical injectors have become electrical ignition and mechanical injector. However, this change hasn’t increased efficiency and fuel saving. After 1990, every kind of car used electrical parts and so the efficiency increased. However, most of car maintenance engineer are mechanical master, they don’t really understand electronic equipments. They can only change the electric parts, but don’t know how to fix it (For example-car computer or audio system). Part of maintenance engineer have wrong concept about electric supply. For example, they thought after car powered on, electrical system is supplied by power plant but not battery. We can learn it from this example: take off battery after car powered on, the car will not work.

Q17 There are many similar products available in the market; could you compare the advantages and disadvantages among them?
Products such as to change mechanical equipments for improving horsepower and fuel savings.

*.. Change exhaust pipe and increase the exhaust. It only allows increment up to at most 5 bhp in horsepower. But this cause high fuel consumption and is very noisy. It also requires high cost.

*. Change to high quality sparking plug: after using it for 3-6 months, the efficiency is lost because the battery’s ageing and it decreases the amount of discharge. Sparking plugs gets covered with soots more and more, if it cannot be cleaned, then it is required to be replaced with a new one. If one updates the new one for a new car, the original car company doesn’t provide guarantee.

Change Silicon Wire and grounding wire: this doesn’t instantly increase efficiency, and rather the efficiency will be decreased with the discharging of battery. The original doesn’t provide a guarantee if a new car does it.

*. Oil magnetization equipment: fuel saving efficiency will be gradually losing with ageing battery, decreasing discharge, and current of injector.

*. Nano products: fuel saving efficiency will decrease with ageing battery.

*. Install turbo engine: increases horsepower, and thus efficiency is obviously increased, but fuel consumption is doubled, which causes increment in cost.

Q18 My vehicle has installed the following products: high voltage relay and Iridium alloy sparkling plug and reverse current and high voltage circuit, can I still install Power Microcomputer? Is it difficult to install?
*. High voltage relay consumes fuel the most, the rest of them are fine. To start Power microcomputer needs 12.5V voltage. As long as these products are from original car company or the battery contains 12.3V and above, you can still install it.

*. Add water to batter up to 80%, red wire connect to positive pole, black wire connect to negative pole, and fix it. It’s done until the indicator light is on.

*. Position of Battery is varying depending on different car types. If the wire is too short, you can extend with speaker and audio cables.

*. If you don’t know how to install, you can ask for mentainence engineer’s help.

Q19 Does it work as turbo? Does it increase air volume by increasing pressure, so as to increase horsepower?
Power Microcomputer works as like turbo which increases the horsepower. However, the disadvantage of installing turbo is that the cost is too high, and it is fuel consuming.

The latest fashion and effective method to increase horsepower is to install turbo. The theory of turbo is to increase the pressure of air into the cylinder by compressing the air driven by the power of exhaust as shown in figure 1. The pressure of air in a traditional engine is lower than 1 atm. Due to this pressure the piston is driven down by the crank as shown in figure 2. The efficiency and horsepower is lower when the pressure is less especially in a lower pressure environment, such as the airplane at the high altitude. But, this problem can be solved by using a turbo engine because the pressure of the air could be over than 1 atm. in a turbo engine. This is the reason why a turbo engine was designed and is being used in aircrafts. Basically, the horsepower can be increased 30%~40% by using a turbo engine when the rpm of turbine is 100~200k.

Q 20 Why my car is fuel consuming?

The possible reasons are listed below:
1. mechanical problem
Vehicle is out of work, please send back for repairing.
Engine is ageing: please repair your engine.
Low tire pressure: always check tire condition, keep tire pressure on standard, it helps for fuel saving and extend tire life.
Breaking problem: Test your breaks by sliding with N gear, and make sure your break has no problem.

2. Human operation reason
Warm up the engine for too long: Modern engine material, oil, control system have been much improved. It is not necessary to warm up the engine, it would cause high fuel consumption and pollution. In fact, just power on the car, and let it stay for at most 30 seconds and make sure the indicator lights are all on, and then you can start to drive.
Drivers with bad driving behaviors: step on the gas heavily and step on break instantly. Even speed up to the optimal, these behaviors cause high fuel consumption and makes mechanical parts go wear easily, and subsequently causes the engine to get covered in soot's.

Staying in the car for waiting for someone or sleeping with air conditioner on would cause fuel consumption and engine will get covered in soot easily.
Only use defogs wire, enhanced fog light when necessary because these battery consuming things will be indirectly consuming fuel.

3. Traffic reason
Short distance use: when your working place is very close to your house, the engine temperature has not reach the normal working temperature, and you’ve arrived at the destination. Thus, the efficiency is decreased, and the fuel consumption is mostly wasted on engine and warming up the cooling water. This condition can also cause engine to get covered in soot's.

4. Other reason
Store too many goods in your cars will increase fuel consumption.
When you notice that abnormal fuel consumption is happening, go to check if there are any things going wrong within the car.

Q21 Fuel consuming related to operation behavior?
Resistance= 1/2(lo)(A)(V^2)+(mu)(M)(g)
Resistance= 1/2(lo)(A)(V^2)+(mu)(M)(g)
(lo)= Air density. This cannot be changed efficiently; it can be treated as constant.
A= Front projection area, this is not able to be changed unless car shape has been changed.
V = speed, it is related to your operation behaviors. The faster you operate the more fuel it consumes.
(mu) = Friction, change a tire with low rowing resistance.
(M) = Weight, take out the unnecessary goods.
(g) = Gravity, this can be treated as constant.

Engine’s working range is limited; the best performance is ranged in between 2500-4000.

It could be treated timing of your shift. Integration of many components decides the fuel consumption. The way of maintenance decides the engine performance. In general, the stronger the oil film is, the more stable it is. When the flow is smooth, friction is lower, then engine perform better, and more fuel is saved. We suggest you use the oil with SJ level or higher. The less you step on the break, the more you save fuel. In the same car type, one’s operation behavior will affect oil consuming for 10%-15%. Maintenance (use better oil, change battery, air filter etc.) it saves for 10%~20%. Use different tires: 5%~15% .Using narrow tire (grip is decreased) will help in saving fuel.

Q22 Why after installing Power Microcomputer, most of the cars achieve efficiency of fuel saving, but some of them don’t?
Fuel saving calculation is based on various elements:
1. Based on the speed: In general, calculation based on high way is more reasonable. Local traffic is more fuel consuming the speed is limited to 0-60 km/hr. The best efficiency for fuel saving is at speeds in the range 90-110km/hr.

2. Based on the same electricity consumed: the fuel consumption is directly proportional to the amount of electricity consumed. In general, air conditioner and head lights are most fuel consuming. If you install other electronic products it will further higher the fuel consumption.

3. Based on the same weight: The heavier the car is, the more it is fuel consuming.

4. Based on the same acceleration: different people have different manner to step on the gas, when step on the pedal lighter for acceleration, it’s more fuel consuming.

5. It is related to car Wind resistance coefficient and tire pressures.

Q23 Why after installing Power Microcomputer, the efficiency decreased?
1. Please be aware of the oil. In general, after 4000KM, the lubrication gradually decreases, and horsepower decreases too. Thus, please change oil before 5000KM.

2. Please be aware of battery ageing problem. Common problem is Electrolyte (just add pure of distilled water up to 80%), it sometimes effects the efficiency of storing electricity, so as to decrease the efficiency if Power Microcomputer.

3. Please be aware of power plant ageing problem. In general, after tar power on 10 minutes, the voltage remains in rage of 13.8V – 14.2V (not using head light, air condition, audio system, no acceleration) if it is lower than 13.8 V, it might be because the power plant is ageing.

4. Please check whether the air filters are frequently changed or not? Does the tire pressure remain in normal status or not?

Q24 How does Power Microcomputer detect frequency of fuel supply and ignition?
1. It uses RFID technique
2. Radio Frequency Identification is a new technique that maybe unfamiliar to the customers. In fact, this technique has been used for English Air Force before the 2nd world war. After 21 century, RFID techniques have features of: long distance, multi-access, smaller in shape, signal penetrating, antipollution, re-useable, high capacity. Thus this technique is applied to automation managements. Simply saying, short distance untouched identification relies on RFID techniques. For examples, bus pass, identification chips of pets, access control cares.etc.

Q25 Please compare the differences in between Power Microcomputer and VSD.


Power Microcomputer

VSD Ignition AMP

Battery Output


Increased to 16V

Frequency of ignition

It is increased once every 1/10000sec.?
Formula car racing version is once every 6 microseconds.? This means 160000 times every second.

Increase the power of ignition, frequency is not changed.? It happens once every 1/1000 seconds. This means 1000 every second.
It simply increase the power of sparks, frequency is the same as initial.

Life of Sparking plug

Its temperature is just reasonable, and makes life longer.

Temperature is higher, shortening sparking plug life.

Vibration of Engine

Remain normal




When you make turns with the speed more than 150km/hr, if one of the cylinder failed to ignite, car might suddenly power off and even cause Rollovers.

Failure rate



Efficiency of Fuel saving

Obviously increased

Not obvious



A ignition system is the very key point. It is the end current of circuits which relates to the magnetic field build by circuits.? If battery is not able to supply voltage in short time when magnetic file needs supply, Power plant produce less voltage.?? If intended to increase side current by increasing voltages, it is still useless because ignition AMP limits the voltages to avoid from damage of circuits. W = V x I ( electric power = voltage X electricity ) . Increase voltages, the efficiency might be raised at beginning, with battery ageing, it becomes worse than initial.

Q26 How do I check tire pressure? How do I know if it is normal?
Check tire pressure with tire measurement.? (Power off for at least 3-5 hours, or your cars drives within 1 KM )? you can’t judge it with its appearance.? Even the difference is not so big, it can cause danger or uncomfortable to the passengers.? Different car types have different standards. Please read user’s manual of the car.

Q27 After connect to power, the negative and positive pole light is not on, but they are on after engine starts, and it remains on after power off, when I touch the box, it is a bit hot, is it normal?
*. The voltage for starting is 12.9V, and it is 12.7V for off state (racing car version starting voltage is 12.5V, and 12.3V for off state). After engine starts engine, and the lights turn on, it means it is working well. If it is still on after power off, it might be because of the remaining voltages. It should be off after 3-10 minutes. This product has feature of auto detection. The indicator light should be off after voltage decreases. So it won’t cause voltage loss of battery to ensure the horsepower that required for engine start.

*. Because of thermolysis, the box is hot. If it is cool, then it might be problems of relay and circuits. The box is made of Aluminum that is easy to heat up and cool down. Please keep at least 30 cm away from engine for benefit of cooling.

Q28 What brand and what type of cars have been installed your product? Can I install it to my car?
A28 The table shows the brand and types of car that have been installed our products. For those that are not listed, you could contact us for information


Super Power Fuel
Saving version
Fuel saving version

F1 Formula Car Racing Version



A3、A4(1.8、1.8T、2.0FSI)、A6、A8 、TT、S4、RS4、Q7



E36、E46、E90(318、320、323、325、328、330I)、E34、E39、E60(520、523、525、528、530)、E38、E65、E66(745LI、735LI)、E87(120、130) Z3Z4、M3、Z3、M5、X3、X5、 645CI、300SEL



C-CLASS(C180、C200、C200K、C230、C320、C320K)、E-CLASS(E200、E230 E240、E280、E320、E500、E55)、S-CLASS(S320、S350、S500 )、ML-CLASS(ML320、ML350)、CL-CLASS、CLK-CLASS 、SLK、300SEL













ESCAPE(2.0 2.3 3.0)、FOCUS(1.8 2.0S)、METROSTAR(2.0 2.5)、MONDEO 、EXPLORER4.0





CITY、CIVIC8、K5、K6、K7、K8、K9、 K10、K11(ACCORD2.0 3.0)、CR-V (2.0 2.4)、LEGEND 3.5、COUPE



TUCSON(both gasoline and diesel)、XG 2.0、MATRIX


FX 3.5、M35、 G35、Q45、QX4




、RIO 1.5




IS200、IS250、GS300、GS350、RX300 RX330、RX350、ES350、SC430、LS 4.6


MAZDA3(1.6 2.0S)、MAZDA5、MAZDA6(2.0 2.3S)、323(1.6 2.0) TRIBUTE 2.0 3.0、MPV、PERMA、RX7、RX8、PERMACY

















93、95(NA /turbo)







REXTON 270 FSUV (diesel)