Power Microcomputer is an electronic device, which can improve automobile ignition system and the combustion condition of cylinder effectively. It can sufficiently provide the electric power of automobile electric system, enhance the transient explosive force, mix the air and gasoline in the cylinder to complete combustion and achieve more fuel-efficient result, eliminate the accumulated carbon deposition of spark plug, and reduce the waste gas.

The electronic installment is composed of several integrated circuit IC and spare parts. The working power is supplied by the battery. It doesn’t need to connect with the external power supply. The positive pole of the device connect with the positive pole of battery, and the negative pole of that connect with the negative pole of battery, It produces the electric pulse signal by RC time timing circuit, and become large positive pulse signal after the transistor phase shifting enlargement. The battery offers the device current and voltage, and adds to the centre electrode of spark plug.

The intensive transient current consumes the battery electric current. In order to insure the necessary electric power in starting engine, we design an electronic automatic switch, which could distinguish the voltage automatically. When the voltage is lower than 12.6V, the electronic switch shut off automatically.

Car engine technologies for most of car types are pretty mature, specially in designing and producing.
However, most car engines do not perform the best because of different driver’s driving behaviors which cause incomplete combustion. The direct result is that engine power is insufficient, the acceleration performance decreases, sparking plug is filled with accumulated carbons, the waste gas and pollution increase, and difficult to start etc.

The cars were forced to be supplied exceed gasoline due to improper matching, that can cause degradation performance, insufficient torsion, and unit time obviously goes weak.

In order to overcome above-mentioned long-existing problems, bring the car engine into full play and achieve the best performance, make it reach the best state cooperating with the car electric power system, and to extend the engine service life. This new invention supply spark plug strong electric power, which not only improves the combustion efficiency in cylinder, increases torsion, promotes unit's time power, but also reduces waste gas and protects peripheral electric apparatus (electronic equipments). It becomes smart to start, tachometer is controlled steadily, and acceleration performance is improved.

The working power of this device is supplied by the battery. Inside is the voltage automatic distinguished switch. As the engine is started, the voltage of the battery is greater than 13.2V. This device starts to work and produce 1HKZ transient pulse. It enables spark plug to ignite right away and get into working state, and stabilize the transient pulse voltage that it is fixed in a constant simultaneously. The transient pulse offer voltage and electric current to the centre electrode within the original designed electric system security range. This will result in higher voltage and temperature. The higher temperature fires the accumulated carbon, and prevents producing the ash leftovers. The intensive transient voltage and current extend the working time to ignite the thinner mixed air. Hence the engine not only keeps working, but also could be more fuel-efficient and lower the waste gas. Nowadays, many automobile use various electronic devices to raise the car performance.

1. Improve the discharging effect of the battery in unit time, increase the combustion efficiency in cylinder, remove the accumulated carbons in spark plug to extend service life, improve torsion and unit time’s strength, reduce waste gas and reach fuel-efficient result.
2. It is relatively sensitive to start rapidly, improve acceleration performance, and increase climbing ability.
3. Stabilize the car electric system work, and fix the problems caused by system wear.
4. Stabilize the peripheral electric apparatus (electronic equipments), and increase the anti-interference ability.




As the car is started and generator is operated, voltage of the battery achieves 13.2V. At this time,because of the partial voltage effect of the resistance, the voltage automatic distinguished switch open, current limit step-down and the puncture of regulation diode by current limit resistor. The transistor receives voltage to promote and open. The relay is sucked and shut, which exposed to putting through the positive pole of the power and this device begins to work.

When the voltage lowers to 12.6V, the device stops working. It is due to the partial pressure effect of the resistance, regulation diode of the partial pressure function of the resistance, the voltage can't make the regulation diode punctured and opened. The relay disconnect and the contacting point breaking away , thus cut off the positive pole of the power


When the voltage automatic distinguished switch starts the power supply, the resistance and capacitor make up RC time timing circuit and produce a square wave signal by integrated circuit. The pulse signal is formed and amplified by the BJT. It reflects to the positive pole of battery by resistance in 8us, and the pulse signal disappears about 2us. The integrated circuit IC form pulse signal in 8u, which is controlled by RC time timing circuit and integrated circuit IC.

The transient pulse signal form transient electric current and voltage, loading to the positive pole of car power supplying. The intensive energy improve the characteristic of electric ignition system, reduce the accumulated carbons and extend the spark plug service time, increase torsion and unit time’s strength, and thus improve the whole car operation performance.