Examination notice before installation.

Before installing equipment, please check the battery water. Free maintaining batteries could be added water in general. There is only a knob, open it and add pure water or distilled water. The compositions of the electrolytic liquid of? battery are with a little lead, sulphuric acid and water. The rate for water and sulphuric acid is 1: 0.280. If the add the water that is less than it suppose to be added, it will cause the electrolytic liquid out-of-balance. Please add water up to 80% full. The dry battery cannot add water

2. Inspecting by voltmeter
Inspecting the voltage by voltmeter before installing, red line connect battery positive pole (+) , and black line connect battery negative pole (-) , The shelf location suits well to direct current (DC) 20v position.

The voltage of normal battery ( about 3~10 hours without starting ) is about 12.5v to 12.7v . If lower than 12.5v, it is efficiency for electric storage is decreased, and easy to loss electric current. After start power plant, the normal voltage is in between 14.3v and 14v (inspect only after warming car for 10 minutes ). If it is lower than 14v, the generator wears out and electric power is insufficient. If it is higher than 14 • 3v, paying attention to see if the generator is excessively sufficient. If it surpasses 15v, the generator must be replaced immediately for fear of the damage of battery and other electric apparatuses. The voltage regulator within the generator work abnormal will cause the voltage of charging too high. The water of the battery will evaporate faster if battery temperature degree rises too high. Supposed the voltage is excessively low (ex, the six rectification diodes within generator damage will cause the voltage lower than 13.5v ).?

Examinations that have been mentioned above are under the standard that air conditioning, stereo, head light are not operated, and without stepping on throttle to accelerate.

3. Regarding the Generation
After warm up the car for 10 minutes, the voltage will be raised to 14.5v. The temperature will be stabilized after voltages achieves certain level.

The way to inspect flood-damaged vehicles and accident vehicle.

Flood-damaged vehicles and accident vehicles are not easily to be observed only by its appearances. We provide several ways for electric power inspection and that would come out reliable results
(1) If voltage is not stable after warming car for 10 minutes
(2) The car sometime stop working within 30 minutes.
(3) When the air conditioning is on, does rotational speed remains high speed? (in genera, the speed turns to normal speed in 2 seconds.)
(4) If rotational speed is not stable after warming up for 10 minutes?
(5) The exhaust pipe emits the white smoke when warm car, if it is not stopped after 10 minutes that means engine is clogged with water.
(6) Please inspect whether the circuit in front of the instrument board is bound in insulating stick tape.

The method to inspect accident cars:

(1)Check the parallel line of both side of car door, are they straight down to the end?
(2) Was it re-painted?
(3)Check whether the screw of the fan or bumper bar, see if they are loose?
(4) Check the metal cover of chassis, see if it is there? and performs normally?

The way to inspect used cars.

(1) To check if oil leak in chassis, engine oil cooler, torsion device, oil seal of crankshaft, transmission and gearbox. Those parts be damaged naturally after using for 8 years.

? (2) To check if drive shaft, shock absorber, angle iron and engine foot is out of shape. The used car over eight years will be out of shape naturally.