Power Microcomputer Installation
Stop the engine before installation. Please be reminded to add pure water or
distilled water in battery until 80% full, which could avoid the electrolyte out-of-balance. The free-
maintenance battery could add water in general.

1). Connect battery positive pole with the red line of PMC, and connect battery negative pole with the black line. Fix to the side of storage battery, and keep away from engine more than 30 centimeters to help to dispel heat).

2). Start the engine after installing PMC. That the indicator lamp shines mean PMC function is normal.

3). This product could detect and examine the battery voltage automatically. When the voltage is too low, the indicator lamp goes out.

4). The 1+1 super kit installation method is the same with above.

5). Connect battery positive pole with the two red lines of product, and battery negative pole with the two black lines. Fix the PMC properly.

After installing the PMC, someone may change the driving way thanks to the increase of horsepower, torsion, acceleration, and climbing ability. Stepping on the throttle heavily will cause the effect of fuel-efficient not obvious. If you want to reach the best effect of fuel efficiency, please keep good and correct driving way. Starting and stepping on the throttle lightly, the fuel-efficient is high but motive force improves weakly. Starting and stepping on the throttle heavily, the fuel-efficient is low but motive force improves strongly.

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