Power Microcomputer

The best products that bring the most powerful and fuel-saving products have been exported to many countries. The torsion is promotes to 70% the highest, horsepower outputs up to 60ps, fuel-efficiency rate reaches to 53% the highest.


The only high-tech microcomputer automobile fuel saver adopted aerospace science technology, which is equipped with two sets of CPU. It produces the turbine power and the explosive force makes your car performs like race car immediately by use of the power amplifier and the filter chip. The horse power promotes 25-60ps, and the torsion could even increase 16kgm/4500 r.p.m

The microcomputer detects the ECU automatically by DC Inverter and filter chip. It calculates the best power and fuel efficiency parameter, controlling ignition density of spark plug and the speed efficiently, and promotes hores power & Torsion instantaneously.

This is the only product that could enhance the ignition frequency of spark plug and the density of fuel injector, advance the electron ignition installment, reduce the engine r.p.m., eliminate the carbon deposition of spark plug, and reduce the waste gas largely. It combines the technology of aerospace in multi-purpose power fuel efficiency.

This product has obtained the patent authentication# M285118 from Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
Install our product for your car’s best performance.