Application for patent claim
Device installed in automobile storage battery in order to strengthen the electric power provided by the spark plug. It includes: Voltage recognition autoswitch The recognition voltage starts at 13.2V and closes at 12.6V. It works normally when the voltage achieved is 13.2V, and stop functioning when it becomes less than 12.6V. It doesn’t consume any energy of the storage battery. The auto switch contains a relay, three polocytes, a constant voltage diode, and some resistances of specific values.

The motherboard includes the resistances, capacitor, integrated circuit IC, and three polocytes. The resistance along with the electric capacitor provide a constant time constant RC. Integrated circuit IC NE555 produces a rectangular square-wave of frequency 1 KHz. Three polocytes amplify the rectangular square-wave signal into an enormous sized pulse, which loads the positive electrode of storage battery.